Colleen Pye Realty

ordPress provides a great resource of grouping your articles: categories and tags come with the default installation, but with a little programming you can add your own taxonomies. This is great, but in my experience it can do more harm than good for a novice WordPress user.

So here are a few tips on ho to use “taxonomies” (categories, tags and other grouping terms) in WordPress – or better said how not to use them:

  • Don’t overtag everything. Although very tempting to use every third word from your article as a tag, it has no real value. Novice users often use a lot of tags, so the tag cloud on their sidebar makes their website look more professional. From the search engine’s point of view, tags with only one article and two or more tags with the same list of articles can mean duplicate content, one thing you surely want to avoid. I don’t even use tags on a new website unless there are at least 5-10 articles.